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Why Your Dog’s Allergies Are Worse Than Yours

While humans grapple with sneezes and sniffles, our canine counterparts face a more daunting foe with each changing season. Delve into the hidden world of dog allergies, far more complex and perilous than human ailments, and discover cutting-edge strategies to alleviate their silent suffering.

seasonal allergy in dogs


  • Spring is almost here, which means many dogs are about to start itching, scratching, and feeling generally miserable thanks to seasonal environmental allergies such as grass allergies
  • Grass and other environmental allergies in dogs almost always involve the skin rather than the eyes and respiratory tract; affected animals are typically very itchy, and the itch-scratch-chew cycle can result in irritated, inflamed skin, hot spots, and secondary infections
  • There are several things you can do starting today to relieve your dog’s seasonal discomfort, including addressing her diet, treating dysbiosis if necessary, and supplementing with essential fatty acids
  • It’s also important to effectively control indoor allergens in your home, and give your dog regular foot soaks, baths, and eye rinses
  • Talk to your integrative veterinarian about natural antihistamines, and if necessary, consider a desensitization protocol ideally initiated before the start of allergy season

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