The foods listed here can be toxic for companion animals and may illicit negative effects on their health. Avoid feeding these to your pets in any quantity, and keep these foods safely out of their reach.
why you shouldn't feed macadamia nuts to your pets
Food Facts

Macadamia: The Only Nut That’s Not Safe to Offer Pets

Poor muscle control, weakness and vomiting are just some symptoms that could arise if your pet accidentally ingests this tree nut, so make sure to always keep it out of their reach. Fortunately, consuming it isn’t fatal, but prevention is still better than cure.
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can your pet eat onions
Food Facts

Onions: Do Not Share This Pungent Food With Your Pet

Known for its pungent odor and flavor, this kitchen staple may be well-loved in many different cuisines, but it should never be shared with animals. Even small amounts could be harmful, so make sure to keep it out of your pet's reach.
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