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Macadamia: The Only Nut That’s Not Safe to Offer Pets

Poor muscle control, weakness and vomiting are just some symptoms that could arise if your pet accidentally ingests this tree nut, so make sure to always keep it out of their reach. Fortunately, consuming it isn’t fatal, but prevention is still better than cure.

why you shouldn't feed macadamia nuts to your pets


  • The exact mechanism of toxicity of macadamia nuts is still unknown, however, some claim that an unidentified toxin in the nut may be affecting pets’ nervous system
  • Symptoms can manifest in less than 24 hours after ingesting the macadamia nuts, and include weakness, vomiting, abdominal pain, ataxia and hypothermia
  • Most mild cases resolve within 24 to 48 hours with home care, but in severe cases, you may need to bring your pet to the clinic for adequate treatment. If your pet has a high fever, is unable to walk or shakes constantly, bring them to emergency care immediately
  • Other nuts are safe alternatives, including Brazil nuts, almonds and cashews, which can be used as training treats, used in treat recipes or added as toppers to meals

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