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dog breed behavior
Tips & Advice

1,002-Dog Study Reveals Unique Breed-Specific Behaviors

Have certain traits been favored, and therefore encouraged in different breeds? For example, Golden Retrievers are valued for their dependence on humans, and not so much problem-solving. Here's how 13 different breeds performed in specific problem situations.
8 min read
aim protein
Tips & Advice

Did This Professor Crack the Code for Feline Kidney Disease?

According to this Japanese immunologist, a protein produced by immune cells called AIM may be a potential trigger for feline chronic kidney disease (CKD), which affects over 50% of cats 10 years and older. While it's an exciting discovery, I still stand by these three time-tested recommendations.
11 min read
anxious dog
Tips & Advice

Do You Live With a Sensitive Dog?

Just like sensitive people, sensitive or anxious dogs tend to be more susceptible to stress and can be triggered by a number of factors. With anxiety affecting about 30% of dogs, know your pet's unique signals and what you can do to help her stay calm, including this No. 1 no-cost stress buster.
6 min read
bone broth for dogs
Tips & Advice

The Most Intense Healing Food You Can Make at Home

This nutrient-rich superfood is good for a host of issues, and especially for picky eaters or aging pets. While it's easy and inexpensive to make at home, keep in mind it may not be for every pet, especially those with this type of systemic inflammation.
4 min read
puppy teething
Tips & Advice

How to Survive Your Puppy's Teething Process

At this age, your puppy will start losing baby teeth and grownup teeth will begin to erupt. In the process, no surface is off limits for his robust teething. He'll chew your furniture, shoes and anything else in his reach. Here's what you need to know about your puppy's teething.
5 min read