Pet Advice from Dr. Karen Becker

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molasses pet food
Dog Tips

The New Functional Food That’s Anything but Healthy or Functional

Truth be told, it's a junk food, not a health food. So watch out for the cleverly disguised marketing spin likely to help sell this as a healthy treat. Don't be conned. This 'functional food' has no place in a healthy pet's food, and could confound their health and make you very sorry.
5 min read
springtime plants toxic to pets
Dog Tips

Springtime Toxins: Pet Owners, Be Alert!

As flowers bloom, so do risks for pets. Learn which plants turn spring from a season of beauty into a hidden danger zone for your furry friends, and how to keep them safe from nature's toxic temptations.
5 min read
travel with pets
Dog Tips

What 56% of Owners Do With Their Pets: Avoiding Tragic Mistakes

This is obviously something that owners relish, and many pets do, too. How to enjoy yourself doing it without making it stressful for your pet, and the homework you must do in advance to help avoid injury, escape, or even death. What I consider the last resort option.
6 min read
cats playing fetch
Cat Tips

Think Only Dogs Fetch? Cats Beg to Differ

Groundbreaking study uncovers that fetching isn't just for dogs. Explore how cats are stepping into the game, initiating play on their terms, and why this discovery could change how we interact with our whiskered companions.
4 min read
can you feed radish to your pets
Food Facts

Add This Crunchy and Healthy Veggie to Your Pet’s Meal

This humble vegetable is usually added raw to salads to lend a delicious texture and mild peppery flavor, but you can also add small amounts to your pet’s food bowl. Crunching radishes can help keep their teeth clean and breath fresh, so let them have a bite, and see if they like it!
6 min read