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cognitive decline in older cats
Cat Tips

Is Your Senior Cat Slowing Down?

Many cats show signs of cognitive decline as they age, which can affect their overall well-being. This piece highlights the importance of early diagnosis and intervention, detailing symptoms to watch for and effective strategies for management.
6 min read
can you feed rhubarb to your pets
Food Facts

Share This Springtime Vegetable Safely With Your Pet

Often mistaken as a fruit, the stalks of this springtime veggie are edible. If your furry friend consumes a small amount of cooked rhubarb stalks, it's no reason to be concerned. However, its leaves can pose a substantial risk and should always be kept out of your pet's reach.
7 min read
why dogs lick
Dog Tips

Your Dog Will Love This 2-Minute TLC Treatment

Sure to bring quick relief to the misery that ails him. Helps remove nasty yeast, bacteria, allergens and other aggravating irritants. What's more, it provides a special bonding time you're both sure to enjoy and remember. Finally, it's simple and cheap.
6 min read