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saving brachycephalic dogs
Tips & Advice

The Race Against Time to Save 'Flat-Faced' Pets

Is it too late to reverse the damage already done to certain brachycephalic, or 'brachy,' breeds? Organizations in both the UK and US are racing to raise awareness and reduce both the popularity and negative impacts in these threatened breeds, some of which are truly suffering.
7 min read
cat-friendly practice program
Tips & Advice

How Veterinarian Practices Are Becoming More Cat-Friendly

Many cats in the US haven't visited a veterinarian in the past year, and it may be because 58% of cat owners say their pets hate going to the vet. As of December 2022, 862 clinics were designated cat-friendly. What secrets are they using to help make even the most hesitant of kitties comfortable?
5 min read
deadliest foods for dogs
Tips & Advice

4 of the Deadliest Foods for Dogs

You may already know that a small amount of these two fruits can cause kidney damage, neurological problems and death in dogs. But did you know that even their juices (used in some baked goods and protein bars) are harmful? Be aware, researchers have now added two other items to the 'deadly' list.
4 min read
what is rabies
Tips & Advice

What Every Pet Parent Needs to Know About Rabies

Just reading about what happens to a rabies-infected animal is disturbing, but as a pet parent, you must know what to look for if your pet gets into a fight or is attacked by a wild animal. If stricken with rabies, your pet will pass away, so know the best and safest way to protect your dog or cat.
6 min read
Dr. Brad Roach pet alternative therapies
Game Changers

Veterinarians Who Never Run Out of Treatment Options

Dr. Brad Roach made a radical decision 10 years into his career that allowed him to quit telling clients 'There's nothing more I can do for your pet.' Now this Game Changer can't imagine life as a veterinarian who didn't have these extra tools. How well equipped is your veterinarian?
6 min read
dog teeth cleaning
Tips & Advice

The ABCs of Dog Teeth Cleaning

How often should you get your dog's teeth professionally cleaned? How much should it cost? Is there any way to lower the cost of cleaning your dog's teeth? Find out the answers to all of these questions, as well as tips to help keep your pup's teeth pearly white.
5 min read
dog memories
Tips & Advice

Can Dogs Ponder the Past?

Once thought to be reserved for humans, bottlenose dolphins and chimpanzees, the ability to remember recent actions and past personal experiences may apply to dogs as well. Does this study suggest dogs may have more of a human-like memory than we give them credit for?
5 min read