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fecal microbiota transplantation parvo
Dog Tips

Ancient Practice Shows Promise for Treating Deadly Virus

Parvovirus is a deadly, infectious and difficult-to-treat disease that attacks the GI tract of puppies and dogs. Death can occur within 48 to 72 hours, so prompt veterinary attention is key even though no antiviral therapy for parvo exists. This ancient practice may now be used to help dogs survive.
7 min read
cbd for osteoarthritis in dogs
Dog Tips

Could CBD Oil Reduce Your Dog's Arthritis Pain?

One in five dogs older than 1 year suffers with osteoarthritis, and the risk for the painful condition only increases with age. This just-published study reveals heartening news for dog owners - almost every dog experienced significant improvements with reduced pain and increased mobility.
8 min read
thc toxicosis in dogs
Dog Tips

The Difference Between Marijuana and CBD Oil for Pets

It's the THC in cannabis that can poison your dog, so how can you know which products are okay to use for or around your pet? Just because certain cannabidiol (CBD) oils may be harmless for dogs and cats doesn't mean other products won't trigger a frightening reaction.
6 min read
can you feed oregano to your pets
Food Facts

Can This Aromatic Herb Do Wonders for Pets?

Commonly added to pizza and pasta sauces for its minty and earthy flavor and aroma, this herb can be lightly sprinkled over your pet's meals for an antioxidant boost. It can even be used as an ingredient in their favorite treats. Have you tried using it yet?
8 min read
dog shedding
Dog Tips

10 Dogs That Shed the Most — and 10 That Shed Least

Looking for a dog that won't drive you crazy with heavy shedding? There are plenty of breeds to pick from ... If it's too late to pick, there are things you can do to help manage shedding. What NOT to do and the best strategies for staying on top of the issue.
4 min read
animal detoxification
Dog Tips

Detoxification: Does Your Pet Need It?

How can you tell if your pet would benefit from a detoxification protocol? Know the signs that suggest his toxin load is at the breaking point, and the 18 sources of toxins that may be overwhelming his body. Plus, 10 ways to support healthy detox and many natural options that can help.
9 min read
is it healthy for dogs to be skinny
Dog Tips

Groundbreaking Study: How to Add Years to Your Dog's Life

The 24 Labs in this study lived an average of two years longer than the control group of dogs when their owners followed this straightforward protocol. Try it with your canine to give him his best chance of living a long, healthy life. If your dog needs to slim down, this is the strategy for you.
8 min read