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large dogs die younger
Dog Tips

New Study About Animal Longevity Turns Up Weird Anomaly

They found that this animal was a major exception to the rule of longevity common to the animal kingdom. But why? And how can you use this information to bond tighter and longer to your favorite 4-legged friend? Noteworthy info you're unlikely to hear elsewhere.
6 min read
cat drooling
Cat Tips

What May Be a Sign of Feline Happiness Can Also Be a Red Flag

Generally, if your cat does this behavior in a certain context, it's a sign she's content and happy. But most often, it's a sign that something serious may be wrong. Please don't read it wrong, get your kitty into the vet right away if you notice this happening at any other time.
5 min read
owning a dog lowers blood pressure
Dog Tips

Owning a Dog May Lower Your Blood Pressure

Owning a dog offers you a loyal companion, walking buddy and lifelong friend, but there are proven benefits to your heart health, too. Dog owners enjoy not only decreased blood pressure readings but also a reduced risk of heart disease and fewer doctor visits.
4 min read