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managing epilepsy in dogs
Tips & Advice

Could Nutrition Help Manage Your Dog's Epilepsy?

There's a growing body of evidence suggesting food and supplements can affect the disease process in dogs with epilepsy with no known cause, or idiopathic epilepsy. By changing your dog's brain's energy source and other dietary factors, you may be able to improve your pet's disease outcome.
5 min read
mobile veterinary clinic
Tips & Advice

Getting Pets the Veterinary Care They Need

Close to 50 million pets in the US don't have access to basic veterinary care, and when they do have access, finances can get in the way. It's estimated that 66% of pets in low-income households have never been to a vet. Here are some options to help your pet get the care he or she needs.
5 min read
Sally Williams Mission Meow
Game Changers

The Unique Partnerships of Small Businesses and Cat People

Born out of a need to help cats in distress, Mission Meow focuses on helping nonprofit organizations create meaningful change for felines. By partnering with small business owners, this game changer helps dreams come true, not only for cat communities, but business owners, too.
6 min read
canine Lou Gehrig's disease
Tips & Advice

Helping Your Dog Live With Canine Lou Gehrig's Disease

Researchers have recently confirmed that canine degenerative myelopathy, or DM, may be the doggy equivalent of human ALS, or Lou Gehrig's disease. Know the breeds most affected and the early red flags to watch for to help your pet live through this irreversible and incurable disease.
8 min read
reasons why dogs eat grass
Tips & Advice

4 Reasons Why Your Dog Eats Grass

Most dogs eat grass on occasion, and some regularly chomp down when the opportunity arises. Does it mean something may be wrong or is it just one of those oddball canine behaviors? While your pup may do it simply out of boredom, there are also health-related reasons for eating grass.
4 min read
genetic disease in cats
Tips & Advice

The Top 5 Genetic Diseases in Cats

Unlike purebred dogs and cats, most domestic cats reproduce without interference from humans. And that's a good thing as it helps dilute disease-causing genes, so non-pedigree cats acquire fewer inherited disorders. Here's how to help protect predisposed kitties from the top five genetic diseases.
8 min read
why do dogs have tails
Tips & Advice

Why Do Dogs Have Tails?

A cat's tail helps with agility and movement, but because a dog's tail is relatively small compared to body size, it's unknown if dogs rely on their tails for the same reasons. Now, a team of researchers has set out to discover the real reason dogs have tails.
4 min read
fresh meat kibble
Tips & Advice

What You Need to Know About Fresh Meat Kibble

A study showed adding fresh meat to a kibble formula results in higher concentrations of essential amino acids than dry food made with meat meal. Does that mean it's a healthy choice for your dog or cat? Here's what they're not telling you about these pet foods.
7 min read