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cat bitter taste receptors
Cat Tips

One of the Greatest Mysteries About Cats Explained

Many kitties are notorious for this strange behavior, and it's one that has puzzled and frustrated cat parents for eons. How cats differ from dogs in this regard, and now knowing what we do about this feline trait, here are 6 creative ways to cope and win the battle so everyone emerges a winner.
5 min read
cat communication signals
Cat Tips

30 Ways Your Cat Speaks to You

How many of these 8 different vocal messages, 10 facial expressions, and 12 types of body language do you recognize in your furry friend? By understanding all the ways your cat tries to communicate with you, you can't help but deepen your bond with her.
2 min read
do dogs have good memory
Dog Tips

Memory Lane Isn’t Just for Humans

Turns out, your four-legged companion might have episodic memories, too. Dive into the research showing how dogs remember past experiences and the actions they mimic.
5 min read
dog food recalled pentobarbital contamination
Dog Tips

Company Tries Donating Dog Food Laced With Euthanasia Meds

Do you buy your pet food from this cunning company? Be very careful. They talk out of both sides of their mouths, use false labels, claim they use human-grade, USDA-inspected meat - when nothing could be further from the truth. And now they want to donate their junk?
7 min read