The foods listed here are generally safe for pets, and can be used for homemade treats or added to their nutritionally balanced, species-appropriate meals in moderate amounts.
can you feed oregano to your pets
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Can This Aromatic Herb Do Wonders for Pets?

Commonly added to pizza and pasta sauces for its minty and earthy flavor and aroma, this herb can be lightly sprinkled over your pet's meals for an antioxidant boost. It can even be used as an ingredient in their favorite treats. Have you tried using it yet?
8 min read
can you feed pears to your pets
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Pears: Let Your Pet Enjoy This Crunchy Fall Fruit

With autumn just around the corner, chances are you'll be seeing more of this sweet, crunchy fruit in your local markets. It's loaded with immune-boosting antioxidants, and has been valued for its anti-inflammatory benefits ever since the early times. Has your pet tasted it yet?
7 min read
can you feed watermelon to your pets
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Watermelon: Let Your Pet Enjoy This Refreshing Fruit

Well-loved during warm seasons because of its thirst-quenching juiciness, this lycopene-rich fruit makes for a refreshing pet treat that can also provide many beneficial nutrients. Read this to find out how you can feed it to your pet in the healthiest way possible.
7 min read