Dr. Karen Shaw Becker

Analysis by Dr. Karen Shaw Becker

Dr. Karen Shaw Becker, a proactive & integrative wellness veterinarian. My goal is to partner with pet parents seeking to improve their pet’s overall health & vitality through wise lifestyle choices.
freeze dried pet foods amino acid digestibility
Dog Tips

Are You Feeding Your Pet Wrong?

Find out the surprising benefits of freeze-dried diets and how they could provide superior nutrition and digestibility for your beloved pet. Learn about the research that could change the way you think about your pet's diet forever.
6 min read
feline immunodeficiency virus infection
Cat Tips

Is Your Cat Safe From FIV?

The chilling truth about FIV: Symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and prevention. Discover why your furry friend might not be as doomed as you think and how proper care can lead them to a surprisingly long, healthy life.
4 min read
dog bite prevention
Dog Tips

How to Keep Your Child Safe From Dog Bites

Discover essential dog body language cues to watch for and understand the subtle signs that can help prevent accidents. By learning these key indicators, you can ensure a safer environment for your child and foster positive interactions between your family and your pet.
6 min read