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Dr. Karen Shaw Becker, a proactive & integrative wellness veterinarian. My goal is to partner with pet parents seeking to improve their pet’s overall health & vitality through wise lifestyle choices.
sharing bed with pets
Dog Tips

Is Sharing Sheets With Your Pooch Healthy?

The latest research questions the benefits of sharing your bed with pets, revealing potential sleep disturbances. Explore the complex relationship between pet co-sleeping habits and the quest for undisturbed slumber.
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dogs canned food dangers
Dog Tips

A Major Heads-Up: Don't Feed This to Your Dog

The results were dramatic and swift. The toxic loads in these 14 dogs skyrocketed to triple their baseline - in just 2 short weeks. Just think what would happen with long-term use. And to think, one of these supposedly contains none of this particular toxin. Be careful with that claim.
5 min read
are cats smart
Cat Tips

Not Just Aloof: Cats Know More Than You Think

Unraveling the mystery behind cat cognition, new studies suggest these independent creatures possess cognitive skills on par with young children, including understanding human emotions, making nutritional choices and demonstrating complex problem-solving abilities.
4 min read
why you shouldn't feed macadamia nuts to your pets
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Food Facts

The Only Nut That’s Not Safe to Offer Pets

Poor muscle control, weakness and vomiting are just some symptoms that could arise if your pet accidentally ingests this tree nut, so make sure to always keep it out of their reach. Fortunately, consuming it isn’t fatal, but prevention is still better than cure.
6 min read