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The Secret to Relieving Your Dog’s Itchy Paws

If you notice your dog licking and chewing at his paws, or even his rear end or inner thighs, chances are he's feeling miserable. To help eliminate the different root causes, including bacterial infections and yeast, I recommend this simple solution.

dogs itchy paws


  • Dogs who obsessively lick their paws are often itchy and miserable due to environmental allergies
  • Especially during the spring and summer months, your dog’s paws are collecting allergens and chemicals in the environment 24/7
  • Up to 50% of seasonal paw licking and chewing can be relieved by removing the irritants with a simple foot soak each time your dog comes in from outdoors, or once daily at a minimum
  • Two other common disorders that can make your dog’s paws itchy are a yeast infection and mange

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