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A Pet Parent's Most Comforting Poem: Who Really Wrote It?

If you've grieved the death of a pet, there's a good chance someone shared this heartwarming poem with you. Written more than 60 years ago, over a dozen people have claimed authorship. The real author, who had no idea it had become a worldwide sensation, has just been identified.

rainbow bridge


  • The author of the wonderful poem about a pet's passing, the Rainbow Bridge, has remained a mystery until very recently
  • Though many have claimed it as their own, the real author is 82-year-old Edna Clyne-Rekhy, who wrote the poem at age 19 in 1959, at the passing of her beloved dog, Major
  • Clyne-Rekhy was stunned to learn earlier this year that her poem has been spreading anonymously across the world for decades
  • One reason the Rainbow Bridge has endured is that it offers grieving pet owners hope that they will be reunited with their beloved animals in the afterlife

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