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How Air-Scenting Products Can Harm Your Pet

We're bombarded with the message that most homes smell embarrassingly bad. Yet, making your home smell like you just walked into a beautiful meadow or pine forest can raise your pet's risk for malignancy and heart and lung disease. Here are the five worst toxic offenders.

how air scenting products can harm your pet


  • An informal survey conducted by a D.C. news channel shows that veterinarians are aware of the dangers of indoor air-scenting products and recommend they be avoided in households with pets
  • The majority of U.S. households use air-scenting products such as air freshener sprays and scented candles
  • These products pollute the air inside your home with chemicals that are dangerous for your pets; studies have found harmful chemicals in air fresheners (all types), scented candles, and incense
  • Most of the effects of these products aren't immediately obvious and may not even manifest as respiratory issues
  • Safe, natural alternatives that freshen the air in your home include pet-safe indoor plants, an air purifier, and diffusing diluted pet-safe essential oils

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