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Are You Unwittingly Poisoning Your Pet?

If you do this daily or weekly activity as many pet owners do, you may be doing just that. If you share your home with one or more beloved pets, be sure to take a close look at your routine to make sure you're not creating a toxic environment that can severely injure your pet.

nontoxic household cleaners for pets


  • Most pet parents do more housecleaning than is typical, because living with animal companions means dealing with lots of pet hair, drool deposits, and other messes
  • Since we do so much cleaning, for the sake of our furry family members, it’s important not to load up our indoor environment with potentially toxic cleaning chemicals
  • The good news is there are inexpensive, nontoxic, homemade cleaning solutions that can handle a wide variety of jobs just as effectively as chemical cleaning agents
  • If you’re using commercial “green” household cleaners, it’s important to know how safe they really are for households with pets

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