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The Hidden Risks Inside Your Dog’s Bowl

Discover the crucial food facts every pet owner needs to know and how proper storage extends the life and quality of your dog's dry food.

contaminants in dry dog food


  • Most pet parents assume kibble has the longest shelf life compared to other types of dog food, but the fact is, once the bag is opened, the 12 to 18-month use-by date printed on the package no longer applies
  • Once a bag of dry dog food is opened, it should be used up within four to six weeks, even stored under optimal conditions; it’s important to take the necessary steps to preserve the safety and nutrient quality of any dry pet food you buy for your dog
  • One of the many potential problems with kibble is storage mites, which can contaminate your pet’s food and are also an allergen for many dogs; additional potential contaminants in stored kibble include pathogenic bacteria, rancid fats, and mycotoxins
  • Since kibble is far from ideal pet nutrition, for optimal health, feed your dog a minimally processed diet of high-quality animal protein and healthy fats and fiber, and low starch content

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