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They’re Bent on Banning This From Your Pet, but It’s ‘OK’ for You to Eat?

Can you smell a dead rat? The stench is unmistakable; their evil acts inexcusable. For example, their treasonous acts against Darwin's. It's all the same meat, for goodness sake. These alarming warnings leave no doubt they'll stop at nothing to destroy raw pet food. Let's show them!

zero tolerance policy for raw petfood


  • It has become plainly obvious to anyone paying attention that the FDA has been targeting raw pet food producers for almost four years now
  • It seems the FDA’s illogical zero-tolerance pathogen policy for raw pet food may have been instituted for the sole purpose of targeting small fresh food companies and putting them out of business
  • Some of these companies, along with some retailers and pet food advocates, have begun speaking publicly and taking a stand against the FDA’s strong-arm tactics
  • If you feed a commercial raw diet to your pet or are considering it, take the same commonsense precautions you would when handling and preparing raw meat and other fresh foods for human family members

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