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Top Kibble Myths — Busted!

It's time to expose the leading kibble myths that just won't die, and one that nearly half of pet owners believe could actually harm their pets. Falsehoods aside, discover the canine-approved option that can reduce tartar by 87% in only 20 days.

dry dog foodmyths


  • According to a market survey, pet parents prefer dry pet food over canned food because they mistakenly feel it’s more nutritious, keeps their pet’s teeth clean, and also has a mild smell
  • It’s a myth that kibble helps keep pets’ teeth clean — raw diets, raw bones, and tooth brushing do; and while it’s true that kibble tends to be less smelly than commercial canned pet food, fresh human grade pet food has no offensive smell; it smells like real food
  • Dry pet food, for all its convenience, is difficult to store in a way that preserves its nutritional value and freshness
  • Kibble is also far from ideal for a long list of other reasons, including poor quality, highly refined ingredients, high-heat processing methods, the inclusion of biologically inappropriate grains and/or starches and synthetic nutrients, and lack of moisture
  • For optimal health, feed your pet a minimally processed, high-quality animal protein and healthy fats and fiber, with low starch content

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