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Two Essential Vaccines? Skip One, but Not the Other

Your vet may tell you that your dog or puppy needs both of these, but here, I explain why I don't believe it's necessary. As long as this second infection isn't present, your dog will likely show no symptoms from the other mild, yet highly contagious virus.

canine coronavirus

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  • Canine coronavirus (CCV) is a highly contagious but relatively mild disease when it occurs alone, meaning the dog has no other intestinal infections at the same time
  • Dogs at higher risk for acquiring CCV are those who are trained intensively or live in overcrowded or unsanitary conditions
  • Adult dogs with a CCV infection often have no symptoms. However, very young puppies can become seriously ill with coronavirus, with severe diarrhea and dehydration
  • If CCV is present simultaneously with parvovirus, the prognosis for the animal’s recovery, especially if it’s a puppy, is not good
  • I don’t recommend the CCV vaccine, however, I do encourage puppy owners to ensure their pet is immunized against parvovirus

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