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Is Your Pet’s Food Failing Them?

A recent study exposes the significant differences in nutrient absorption from various dog food types. Discover which diets offer superior nutrition and why many pets might not be getting the energy they need from their meals.

raw diet vs extruded diet


  • A new study shows that when it comes to amino acid digestibility and true metabolizable energy, fresh, frozen raw, and freeze-dried raw dog foods outperform extruded formulas
  • Earlier research showed that dogs fed fresh food show positive microbiome changes and improved overall gut function
  • Another study showed dogs eating lightly cooked and raw food had reduced blood triglyceride levels as well, even though those diets were higher in fat than extruded dog food (kibble)
  • A nutritionally optimal, species-specific, fresh raw or gently cooked diet is always a better choice for pets than extruded diets

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