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When Your Dog's Poop Looks Like This, Visit Your Vet

Monitoring your pup's bathroom activity is the easiest way to know if she's feeling under the weather. If you see any of these 7 specific types of stool, it might be something mild or something serious enough to warrant a visit to your vet. Details follow ...

assessing dog poop


  • An excellent way to stay on top of your dog’s health is to monitor what comes out of him, otherwise known as feces/stool/poop. It’s important to know your dog’s “normal” when it comes to poop
  • The most obvious symptom of a health problem in dogs is diarrhea, which has several characteristics that vary depending on the cause
  • There are several potential causes of diarrhea in dogs, ranging from a change in diet to cancer
  • It’s time to call the veterinarian if the diarrhea doesn’t resolve on its own in a day or so, or if your dog is showing other signs of illness

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