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This Vilified Substance Could Actually Be a Godsend for Your Pet’s Health

It gets a bad rap, but it's actually FAR more helpful than harmful. It can help your pet's heart, brain, skin, kidneys and joints. And that's just for starters. You and your pet are sure to love the results of this 'miracle' substance.

dietary fats in pet food


  • Dietary fats are a crucial component in dog and cat food and essential fatty acids, especially the omega-3s, play a significant role in pet health
  • Facilitative fats are saturated fats and provide a number of very important benefits to pets; functional fats are typically essential fatty acids, i.e., omega-3 and omega-6 fats
  • Research shows that omega-3s are helpful in treating many disorders in dogs and cats, including heart and kidney disease, inflammatory skin conditions, arthritis, and cognitive function
  • Krill are a clean, sustainable food source, and there are many reasons why krill oil is the best source of DHA and EPA for cats and dogs

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