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How to Help Protect Your Pet From Avoidable Tumors

While the jury is out as to whether early spaying reduces a dog's risk of developing mammary tumors, there's much you can do to help your pet stay healthy. Avoiding these often hidden estrogen-mimicking chemicals can help protect against high estrogen levels that can fuel tumors.

dogs mammary tumors


  • A 2019 Penn Vet study raised as-yet unanswered questions about the role of spaying and estrogen levels in dogs who develop mammary tumors
  • Estrogen appears to drive mammary cancer development; it also appears to have a protective effect with regard to metastasis and survival times
  • The ability to effectively metabolize estrogen is essential in preventing certain cancers, including mammary tumors; estrogen-mimicking chemicals in the environment — xenoestrogens — can be the culprit in dogs with excessively high serum estrogen levels
  • There are many things pet parents can do to limit their dog’s exposure to xenoestrogens and reduce the risk for mammary cancer

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