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How Fast Is Your Dog Aging? That Depends, so Consult This Handy Chart

Our canine companions' lifespans are short - far too short. They age much faster than we do. Your dog may still look and act a lot like a puppy even though age-related challenges may be taking place. This chart can help you know when to start addressing 'senior' needs.

dog age lifespan


  • The lifespan of a dog is much shorter than that of a human, and typically, the larger the dog, the shorter the lifespan
  • Veterinarians and pet parents don’t see eye-to-eye as to when dogs enter the senior or geriatric stage of life, but as a general rule, giant breeds are considered seniors at 5 years of age and geriatric at 10. Dogs up to 50 pounds reach senior status at 7, and fall into the geriatric category at age 12 to 14
  • Three things you can provide for your dog to keep him healthy and happy in his senior years are physical and emotional comfort, high-quality protein as part of a balanced, species-appropriate diet, and lifelong opportunities for exercise, socialization, and mental stimulation

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