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Dr. Ian Billinghurst's Healing Modality to Killing Cancer Includes a Ketogenic Diet

Today I'm interviewing the one and only Dr. Ian Billinghurst, world-renowned author, veterinarian and raw feeding advocate, about his new groundbreaking book and treatment protocol for killing cancer and other degenerative diseases in dogs, cats and humans.

targeted nutritional therapy

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  • World-renowned veterinarian, author and the father of raw pet food, Dr. Ian Billinghurst, has written a new book about treating cancer with nutrition
  • Dr. B’s book, “Pointing the Bone at Cancer,” lays out the science behind the use of a ketogenic diet in treating cancer in dogs, cats and humans
  • Dr. B has successfully treated dogs with many different cancers, including aggressive lymphomas and mammary tumors, and seen them live years longer, with an excellent quality of life

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