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What Your Pet Is Trying to Tell You, if You’re Paying Attention

They use a multitude of methods to convey their language, yet humans often turn a blind eye. Tune in to these physical and vocal signs to know your pet's deepest needs and to enrich your relationship.

understanding feline communication signals


  • As verbal humans, we tend to be fascinated by — but not always good judges of — the nonverbal forms of communication used by our pets, in particular, cats
  • Body language, behavior, and vocalizations are the keys to understanding feline family member communication signals, and with a little effort, we can learn to interpret them
  • Cats communicate with their bodies, especially their backs, tails, eyes, and ears; they also have a wide range of vocalizations they use primarily in the presence of their humans
  • Other feline forms of communication include head bunting, kneading and mutual grooming

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