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This Aggressive Cancer Is Quite Sneaky and Often Strikes Without Warning

Your pet could suddenly die when the tumor ruptures as it causes severe hemorrhaging - accompanied by these 7 signs. Average survival time is only 90 to 180 days with conventional treatments. But with this promising holistic treatment, she could live over a year.

dog hemangiosarcoma


  • Hemangiosarcoma is an aggressive, malignant form of cancer that often strikes without warning. It is much more common in dogs than cats, especially dogs of a certain breed and age
  • Hemangiosarcoma most often originates in a dog’s spleen, but can also develop in other organs, including the skin
  • Often there are no symptoms of illness until a pet suddenly begins to hemorrhage and the cancer is diagnosed during treatment. When signs do occur, they are usually symptomatic of blood loss
  • Conventional treatment of hemangiosarcoma typically involves surgery and chemotherapy, but the prognosis is poor. Integrative therapies can include herbs, medicinal mushrooms and other nutraceuticals, and transitioning to a ketogenic diet
  • High-risk dogs should undergo regular blood tests and abdominal palpation, and owners might also want to consider regular ultrasound imaging of the spleen

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