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These Dogs Are so Smart, They Almost Have a Sixth Sense

Because of their uncanny intelligence, they have what some owners describe as a sixth sense. They can assess a situation and know when their unique skills are needed. And that makes them worth their bulk in gold to the owners who depend upon them for their livelihoods.

australian cattle dog


  • Australian Cattle Dogs have been bred in the land Down Under to be strong leaders with sheep as well as cattle, and with that reputation comes an inborn sense of invincibility, which makes them truly tough
  • Built for hardiness, Australian Cattle Dogs are naturally vigilant and suspicious of unfamiliar activity, so they’re perfect as protective watchdogs who are both stubborn and territorial
  • Born to guard, protect and herd livestock in the rugged outback, more domestic situations in a family setting call for early socialization and training that combines fairness and consistency these dogs can count on
  • Intelligent and highly trainable, Australian Cattle Dogs adore their close family members, and when raised with children may also do well with other children, but the dogs must always be treated with respect and require lifelong mental stimulation and daily rigorous exercise

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