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Four Simple Stretches to Keep Your Dog Moving

Stretching exercises are so simple and swift, many people overlook the tremendous benefit they can provide. Whether your canine companion is young or old, big or small, an athlete or a lapdog, regular stretching can do wonders to keep him active and agile all the years of his life.

dog athletes stretching exercise


  • No matter the age or lifestyle of your favorite canine companion, regular stretching sessions can significantly improve comfort, mobility and quality of life. Senior dogs … canine athletes … big breeds … and animals with chronic joint or bone disorders, in particular, can benefit from stretching, massage and maintenance chiropractic care
  • Why wait until your dog is injured or in pain to take action? Natural therapies like exercise and stretching, done proactively, are among the best ways to keep your pet in good physical condition and prevent conditions that may require drugs and/or surgery down the road
  • Good areas of focus for stretching your dog are the hips, shoulders, chest and back. Simple, gentle stretching exercises take just a few minutes a day to complete
  • Maintaining your pet’s frame, feeding biologically appropriate nutrition, and protecting her immune system from the ravages of over-vaccination, environmental toxins, and poor quality food, are the best way to keep your four-legged family member active and healthy throughout her life

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