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What 1,000 German Shepherds Taught Us About Hip Dysplasia

A common ailment in many large dog breeds, many consider it an almost inevitable part of owning a German shepherd. But a study found that there are multiple factors involved over which you have much control. Help your pup avoid this painful condition.

canine hip dysplasia


  • Recently, researchers identified the genes involved in canine hip dysplasia (CHD) in German Shepherds, one of several large breeds prone to the disease
  • CHD is a polygenetic multi-factorial disease, meaning more than one gene is involved, and the disorder is caused by a number of other factors as well
  • Whether or not a dog develops CHD, and the severity of it, depends on genetics, environment, and nutrition
  • There are many things dog guardians can do to prevent or reduce the severity of hip dysplasia
  • The genetic study should help German Shepherd Dog breeders make more knowledgeable breeding decisions

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