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Are You Missing the Signs That Your Pet Has Dental Problems?

By the age of 3, most pets already have early evidence of periodontal disease. If left untreated, it can lead to pain, bacterial infection and systemic health problems including damage to the kidneys, heart and liver.

pet dental health month


  • February is Pet Dental Health Month — the perfect opportunity to pay some much-needed attention to your pet’s oral health
  • Pet dental health needs attention year-round, including daily brushing and a fresh, species-appropriate diet
  • By the time you notice significant bad breath or tartar buildup, your pet may have been struggling with poor oral health, and related pain, for some time
  • Small mature dogs typically need a professional dental cleaning once a year while larger dogs may need a cleaning slightly less frequently, depending on home care
  • Bad breath is the most common sign of dental disease in pets; you may also notice your pet chewing more on one side of the mouth, dropping food, crying when yawning, no longer enjoying chew toys, drooling and acting irritable

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