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3 Telltale Signs That Your Dog Is Cold

Many owners brush off dog sweaters and coats as unnecessary, but there are situations when they provide much-needed, welcomed comfort for your dog. Know when to suit up (and when not to) and the signs that may mean your dog is quite cold.

dog sweaters


  • Despite their fur coats, some dogs need extra help staying warm during the colder months of the year
  • Your canine companion may benefit from a sweater or jacket if he’s a toy breed, has a short or thin coat, or is hesitant to relieve himself outside when it’s cold
  • Your dog’s sweater should be snug but not tight, and easy to put on and remove. It’s important not to leave the sweater on for long periods to prevent overheating and skin rash
  • While sweaters or jackets make sense for some dogs, pants, raincoats, and boots probably do not

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