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When Your Vet Advises This Dental Cleaning Procedure, How Should You Answer?

The answer may seem fuzzy because it's one of today's most controversial pet issues. But once you read this, the answer will be much clearer than you expect, regardless of the newfound popularity of the alternative. And you'll recognize risks you didn't even know existed.

without anesthesia dental cleaning


  • The debate over the pros and cons of anesthesia-free dental cleanings for pets rages on
  • Proponents of anesthesia-free dentistry argue that it’s an alternative for pet owners who don’t want their pets to be anesthetized, or who can’t afford a professional dental exam and cleaning
  • Most dogs and cats have some degree of dental disease. It is often the case that a technician performing an anesthesia-free cleaning will uncover issues requiring further investigation under anesthesia

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