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Urine Dribbling: Never EVER Punish Your Pet for This 'Accident'

It's easy to mistake this for a behavioral problem - when it may indeed be a medical issue. So punishing your pet for this 'accident' is a BAD idea. Discover the potential medical causes, including birth defects which can affect certain breeds and the symptom that requires immediate vet care.

causes and treatment for urinary incontinence in pets

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  • Involuntary passage of urine normally occurs while your pet is asleep or resting. It can be just a small wet spot or a good sized puddle, depending on how much urine is being unintentionally passed
  • This is not a behavioral problem, it’s a medical problem — so trying to correct or punish your pet is a bad idea on multiple levels
  • The cause of your pet’s urinary incontinence will dictate what treatment she receives. If your pet is diagnosed with hormone-induced urinary incontinence, I strongly recommend you consider attempting to treat the problem naturally

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