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A Common Canine Problem That's Easily Avoidable

It's one of the most common reasons dogs see the vet. Save time and money by taking these steps and carefully avoiding triggers. It takes less time and effort than you think.

diet and ear infections in dogs


  • Early-life programming by diet plays a role in reducing — or increasing — the risk of ear infections in dogs
  • Dogs that ate a raw, meat-based diet in early life had a significantly decreased risk of ear infections later in life, while those that ate a highly processed dry food diet had a significantly increased risk
  • The mother dog’s diet during pregnancy, as well as puppies’ diets from 2 to 6 months of age, were particularly strongly linked to ear infection risk in later life
  • Even providing a portion of food in the form of a raw, meat-based diet was beneficial; puppies that ate more than 25% of their food as a raw, meat-based diet significantly decreased their incidence of ear infections later in life
  • Allergies are by far the most common reason for ear inflammation in dogs; an allergic response to food can lead to year-round ear issues that a dietary change may solve

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