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Causes Your Pet's Cells to Starve, Even While Providing Certain Macronutrients

They're trying to fool you with double talk. When they discuss the macronutrients your pet needs, it's time to do a double take. Don't be bamboozled by these lies and charades, or you and your pet will pay dearly, albeit so slowly it's barely discernible.

high protein pet food


  • The processed pet food industry is pushing the idea that dogs and cats today may be eating too much protein
  • They are also promoting the misinformed view that carbohydrates, for which dogs and cats have no nutritional requirement, are a better source of energy than protein
  • Another nonsensical statement by Big Pet Food is that high-protein pet food is contributing to the rise in obesity rates in dogs and cats
  • Given the choice, both cats and dogs select diets high in protein and fat, and low in carbohydrates
  • It’s important to figure out how many carbs are in your pet’s processed diet; it’s even more important to transition your dog or cat to a nutritionally balanced, species-appropriate fresh food diet

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