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Still Buying Kibble? Please Heed This Safety Warning

If you make these common mistakes (as many owners do) with dry food, you could be exposing your pet to bacterial or fungal contamination, or even mite infestation. For your pet's well-being, follow these simple tips to help keep dry food optimal. Better yet, feed your pet this instead.

dry pet food health problems


  • Dry pet food, for all its convenience, is difficult to store in a way that preserves its nutritional value and freshness
  • Many unhealthy things can occur in a bag of kibble — especially an open bag — including fat rancidity, bacterial and fungal growth, nutrient depletion and storage mite infestation
  • Most dry pet food also has a number of other problems, including poor-quality, rendered and high-glycemic ingredients and extreme processing that creates cancerous byproducts
  • If you’re still buying kibble, there are several handling and storage guidelines you should follow to help prevent feeding unsafe food to your pet
  • A much better alternative to kibble is a nutritionally balanced, species-appropriate diet containing high-quality animal protein, moisture, healthy fats and fiber, and low to no starch content

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