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Often Overlooked yet Common Causes of Frequent Vomiting

Chronic vomiting in cats has become so common that many owners and even some veterinarians don't consider it to be a problem. However, it's stressful and physically taxing for kitty, and cleaning up is never fun. These two often-ignored factors may be at the top of the list of causes for vomiting.

why do cats throw up so much

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  • Many cats today vomit so often it isn’t considered abnormal; however, regular vomiting is a sign something’s wrong
  • A common cause of frequent vomiting in cats is a poor-quality diet and food intolerances, both of which must be addressed to resolve the issue
  • Eating too fast and too much time between meals can cause vomiting, as can hairballs and constipation
  • Enzyme deficiencies, toxin ingestion, and an underlying medical condition can also play a role
  • Helping a chronically vomiting cat requires identifying the cause(s), addressing any underlying medical issues, and making appropriate dietary/lifestyle changes

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