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Five Clues to Your Dog’s Itchy Skin and Stomach Issues

Itchiness and sensitive stomach issues can share a common cause - food. While the time of year your dog is itchy may be your biggest tip off, these five other clues could mean the issues may be food-related. How to identify problem foods and help your dog overcome food sensitivities.

dog sensitive stomach


  • If your dog is itchy year-round vs. seasonally and also has chronic or intermittent digestive issues, there may be a food intolerance behind her “sensitive stomach”
  • Food sensitivities in dogs may be the result of an abundance of foreign contaminants found in the vast majority of processed pet food on the market
  • If you suspect your dog is sensitive to something in his diet, it’s important to determine the specific food(s) he’s reacting to
  • Once the problem food(s) have been identified, a 2-to-3-month novel diet should be introduced; for most dogs and especially those with super-sensitive stomachs, it’s best to avoid all processed pet food in favor of a homemade diet
  • Because each case of food intolerance is unique, it can be extremely beneficial to work with an integrative or holistic veterinarian who can design a custom formulated healing protocol for your pet

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