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Why Are These Popular Dogs Dying So Much Younger Than They Used To?

This dog breed has shed a stunning three years off its normal lifespan in the past decade. What's going on? Others have too, but not that much. Plus, if you're considering one of these dogs, here's how to pre-determine how healthy your new pet might be.

pedigree dog lifespan


  • A recent study of pedigree dogs in the U.K. reveals a significant decrease in longevity over the last 10 years, with the Bull Terrier losing a full 3 years of lifespan
  • Some experts blame the change on closed gene pools, popular sires, and dogs judged on looks vs. health. I believe highly processed pet food diets, various toxins, and assorted environmental influences also play a role
  • According to a University of California, Davis study, mixed breeds aren’t necessarily any healthier than purebreds, and carry many of the same genetic disorders

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