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The Challenges of Locating and Rescuing 'Fire Cats'

Shannon Jay, a retired police officer, experienced the nightmare of losing a pet when his indoor-only cat escaped and went missing for 13 days and nights. And then the California wild fires struck. A true Game Changer featured in the documentary 'Fire Cats,' Jay has become the cat rescue hero.

Shannon Jay fire cats

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  • Today’s Pet Game Changer is Shannon Jay, a former law enforcement officer turned rescuer of lost, displaced, and injured cats, especially “fire cats”
  • When Shannon’s indoor-only cat escaped one day six years ago, in the following “13 days and nights of living hell,” he learned a whole lot about what it takes to find a missing cat
  • Shannon lives in Northern California, an area of the U.S. that has experienced devastating wildfires in recent years; now retired from the police force, he works full time applying the skills he learned finding his own cat to the rescue of feline victims of wildfires
  • Shannon also helps train other rescuers on how to find and save lost, displaced cats, especially fire cats

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