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When Kitty Says No: Winning the Collar Battle

Tackling the feline resistance to collars with expert insights and surprising study findings. Learn strategies and tips to gently persuade even the most stubborn of cats, ensuring their safety with a touch of persistence and care.

feline resistance to collars


  • Even if your cat, including your indoor-only cat, is microchipped, she still needs a collar with ID to give her the best chance of being returned to you in the event she’s lost
  • If you’re concerned your feline family member won’t wear a collar, a 2010 study showed that almost 75% of cats wore their collars for a minimum of six months; over half the cat owners said their kitties tolerated the collars better than expected
  • Even indoor-only cats sometimes get outside, including very old and very timid kitties, which is why it’s important they wear a collar and ID as well
  • It’s important to give your cat time to get used to wearing a collar, so consider picking a weekend or another two to three day stretch you can dedicate to your cat collar project

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