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Half of All Missing Dogs Were Found When Their Owners Did This

By doing this one thing, 49% of dog owners in a survey found their missing pups. If that doesn't work, here are ten simple steps to help you bring home your pet without going insane from worry. Skip the panic and be proactive!

missing pets


  • Nearly 20% of pets go missing after being scared by loud noises such as fireworks and thunderstorms
  • There are several steps you should take if your pet goes missing, and one of the first is to make up fliers with your pet’s picture and your phone number
  • According to one survey, about half of missing dogs and a third of missing cats were found by owners searching their neighborhoods
  • Some pets, especially dogs, don’t run off, but are stolen. One thing you can do to keep your pet safe from thieves is to never leave him outside when you’re not home

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