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From Puppies to Adults: The Diet That Fights Disease

Discover how a simple change in your puppy's diet can fortify their health against chronic enteropathy later in life.

canine gut microbiome


  • A recent study by researchers at the University of Helsinki shows that feeding puppies and young dogs a non- or minimally processed meat-based diet from age 2 months to 18 months was associated with a decreased incidence of chronic enteropathy (a form of IBD)
  • The study highlighted the role of the intestinal microbiome in canine chronic enteropathy, and the fact that offering puppies a non-processed, meat-based diet may encourage development of a balanced GI microbiome
  • A 2019 study suggests some dogs with a form of IBD can experience remission through alterations in the gut microbiome triggered by a dietary change
  • The diet used to help patients in the study was a highly processed veterinary diet; however, in my experience, avoiding ultraprocessed pet foods is the best way to avoid and treat chronic enteropathies, including IBD, IBS and “sensitive stomachs”
  • To help your dog avoid GI disease, feed a variety of nutritionally optimal, species-specific diets containing unadulterated, high-quality animal protein, moisture, healthy fats and fiber, and low to no starch content

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