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A Game-Changing Treatment for Pets With Tummy Trouble

Too often, conventional veterinary medicine has little to offer pets with chronic digestive disorders, and in fact, some treatments can actually make the problem worse. But now you have another option - an assessment kit and supplements that can help restore good gut health to your pet.

holly ganz

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  • Dr. Holly Ganz is the founder of an exciting new company, AnimalBiome, which helps restore good gut health to dogs and cats using a gut bacteria assessment kit and restorative supplements
  • Dr. Ganz’s research, and other independent research, suggests pets eating fresh diets have healthier guts
  • A growing body of research confirms that a healthy microbiome is foundational to the overall health of both humans and animals
  • According to AnimalBiome survey results, most conventional veterinarians are open to the idea of microbiome restorative therapy, but know little about it
  • In the future, Dr. Ganz plans to develop customized treatments for each pet, as well as both therapeutic and maintenance protocols

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