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Potty Watch: How Often Should Your Dog Go?

Uncover the surprising truths about your dog's bladder health and the risks of waiting too long. This in-depth exploration offers vital insights for dog parents on understanding their furry friend's needs and preventing potential health issues.

how long can a dog go without peeing


  • Most pet parents have had occasion to wonder just how long their dog can go without peeing — the question often arises as they’re rushing home to give their furry family member a long overdue walk outside
  • To answer the question, you can do some urine production/bladder capacity math to figure out how long is too long for a dog your dog’s size, or you can go with the standard guideline: a normal, healthy dog needs to relieve him or herself every 4 to 6 hours
  • Another concern many pet parents face is whether their dog is spending too much time alone at home; the truth is that 10 to 12 hours is too long, especially since dogs left alone for several hours a day can suffer from isolation distress
  • There are many options that will limit your dog’s time at home alone, including doggy daycare, a dog walker or sitter, and/or working from home or taking your dog to work with you

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