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Makes Your Pet Act Crazy, Chase Her Tail and Even Self-Mutilate

This is one bizarre condition you've probably never heard of before. Bound to make you think your pet has gone crazy, and it probably is making her crazy! Can also trigger secondary infections. Here's how to help relieve the misery for your poor distressed pet.

feline hyperesthesia

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  • Some cats have a very strange disorder called hyperesthesia, also known as rippling skin syndrome or twitchy cat syndrome
  • In hyperesthesia, the skin on the back ripples from the shoulders all the way to the tail, and triggers a range of odd sensations and behaviors in the cat
  • In order to confirm a diagnosis of hyperesthesia, all disorders with similar symptoms must be ruled out
  • The first thing you should do for a kitty with hyperesthesia is feed a clean, nutritionally balanced, species-appropriate, carbohydrate-free diet
  • It’s also important to minimize all forms of stress in your cat’s lifestyle and environment, along with beneficial natural remedies and therapies, including chiropractic care

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