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Can Cats Lose Their Meow?

It's important to keep an eye - or an ear - on your cat's vocalizations. Just as increased meowing can be a sign of illness, decreased meowing can also signal that something is amiss.

can cats lose their meow


  • Cat laryngitis affects your kitty’s larynx, which is known as the "voice box" in people
  • Laryngitis means an inflammation of the larynx, which can be caused by everything from an upper respiratory tract infection to excessive meowing
  • The first sign of laryngitis in cats may be a cough; other symptoms include noisy breathing, panting, weak meow and bad breath
  • Loss of voice in cats is usually due to an upper respiratory infection and may be accompanied by yellow or green nasal discharge and lethargy
  • Loss of voice in cats should be checked out by a veterinarian, due to the varying causes, some of which may be serious

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