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This Favorite Product Can Cause a Life-Threatening Emergency

Avoiding contributing to this medical condition is so simple - just check your supplies for this risky item and replace it if necessary. While the emergency can be idiopathic, in my experience it's often caused by trauma relating to this product. So please, sidestep tragedy by avoiding this mistake.

laryngeal paralysis

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  • Laryngeal paralysis is dysfunction of the nerves that control the muscles and cartilage that open and close the larynx
  • The disorder can be inherited in dogs but is more often an acquired condition. It is rarely seen in cats
  • The most common cause of acquired laryngeal paralysis is trauma resulting from an acute neck injury, and is most often seen in dogs who pull at or are yanked by a leash attached to their collar
  • Severe laryngeal paralysis is a life-threatening emergency, and surgery is the treatment of choice to permanently open the larynx to permit air flow
  • Prevention of the condition should always be the focus, and can be accomplished by using a harness/leash combination instead of a collar/leash

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