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Tough to Kill, This Pet Parasite Can Infect You, Too

More and more pets are becoming persistent carriers of this infection, and the majority of pets affected show no obvious signs. Here's the common mistake to avoid in diagnosing it, and 3 common sense precautions to help keep your home parasite-free.

giardia infection cats


  • Recent research suggests that throughout Austria, the intestinal parasite giardia is a common cause of diarrhea in cats
  • The study found that cats living in multi-cat households have a significantly higher rate of intestinal parasites
  • Giardia is a root cause of many chronic gastrointestinal issues in both cats and dogs, and many cats who develop inflammatory bowel disease were giardia-positive as kittens
  • A fecal ELISA or PCR test is preferable to a fecal flotation test in diagnosing giardia

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