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Immeasurable Heartache Saved With This Single Act of Love

To do a good deed is a most glorious sign of love. It may have its bittersweet moments and sometimes even be called a failure, but it's almost sure to save a life and be a rousing success for all involved.

foster pet parent


  • A growing number of dog rescues are foster-based these days, and the biggest challenge for these organizations is finding dependable foster homes
  • Becoming a foster parent is a great way to help homeless dogs; fostered pets are better prepared for adoption, and less likely to develop fear or anxiety-based behavior problems
  • It’s important to consider your time, energy, and resources before deciding to foster a dog, and honestly assess your environment for its suitability as a foster home
  • Puppies are a special challenge, so it’s important if you foster a very young dog to ensure he’s socialized at the right time, is free of parasites and disease, and receives veterinary care as required

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